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Gave Solartec an offer adapted to self-consumption facilities

According to the data registered by the Spanish Photovoltaic Union (UNEF), in 2019 Spain installed 459 MW of new photovoltaic power in self-consumption facilities, what meant doubling the installed power in 2018, which wa...


75th anniversary Gave Electro

On June 15th Gave Electro gathered all its staff and commercial representatives to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the founding of the company. The act of celebration took place in the privileged setting of the Masi...


ACDC Dynamics visits Gave Electro

Last week we were glad to receive the visit of Jaco Meyer and Dale Liebenberg, Category specialists in ACDC Dynamics, who for 2 days took a Technical and Sales Training in our headquarters in La Roca del Vallès, Spain.



Gave Electro celebrates its 75th Anniversary

This year 2019 Gave Electro is reaching 75 years since foundation and for this purpose several initiatives for its commemoration will be planned and will be developed throughout the year.

During the commercial conve...


Sales convention january 2019

On January 23, 24 and 25 Gave Electro held its sales convention with all the commercial team at the Montanyà Hotel & Lodge. During the conference there was an analysis of the evolution of sales during 2018 characterized b...


In Gave we are committed to the environment

Gave has recently sent a considerable amount of his obsolete mobile devices to the project "Movilízate por la selva". With this gesture we have helped to recover raw materials, to avoid pollution of the environment, to dimin...