The natural ally for the industry and distribution


Since 1944, the product range has been developed Gave thanks and improving teamwork and cooperation of our customers.

The result of all these years of experience is a broad capacity for design, development and manufacture of products perfectly adapted to the needs of our customers.

Our specialist knowledge is focused on the control, the section and protection power.

Our international partners complement our offer with leading technology and innovation.

On-line integrated logistics controls the production, shipments stock and bring security to the supply chain of our customers.


Over 70 years of experience


For more than 70 years Gave has represented technique, quality and service.
Today we are market leaders on the field of low voltage electrical equipment, and are recognised as a trustworthy and competent partner for the electrical sector.


Heart to safety and reliability


In the different stages of production, the tests required by the regulations are carried out individually together with other additional tests determined by the technical staff.
An auditing process controls the correct functioning of the system and guarantees the reliability of the products.


Specialized technical equipment


From an idea a qualified technical team will sort out a product through all developing stages; design, prototyping, laboratory extensive type testing and production execution.
The result shows on an innovative product offering real added value to the customer. Market recognition is cause of satisfaction to all persons contributing with their daily effort on future developments.

Our compromise

At Gave Electro our priority is to work always looking for continuous improvement.

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Commercial assistance

An extensive commercial network with close commercial attention, composed of a team of qualified people, to give the best response to the particular needs of each client.

Technical Service

Our technical team offers advice, problem and incidence solving, development of new solutions and support for start-up.


Real-time knowledge of production, stock and shipments. Supply chain with suppliers, providing an added value that has a direct impact on the customer.